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The Historical site Marguerite-Bourgeoys is proud to present its third annual benefit evening in the company of La Nef Musical Company and their concert "Baratin d'marins" on December 7th, starting at 7:30 PM!

Picture a festive evening at sea, or a dance at a waterfront tavern, with singing sailors spinning incredible tales. Listen to them play with passion for those who dance: there's a jig, followed by a reel, a sailor's song, and finally, a lament.

Oh! Stand up, it's starting!

"Baratin d'marins" will transport you to fabulous places, and its sea shanties and music will make you want to stay there. 🌊

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Left to right : Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves, Kate Bevan-Baker, Alexander Kehler, Éric Breton, Seán Dagher et Amanda Keesmaat.

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