Vigil lights and masses intentions

If you cannot light a vigil light yourself, it is possible that we do it for you

To do so, we invite you to fill the form below with the number of which vigil lights you want us to light for you. We will send you a PayPal payment request upon the reception fo your demand.

Number Description Lighting time Amount of lights Price
1 MEDIUM vigil light 4 days One light 5$
2 MEDIUM vigil lights 24 days Six lights 30$
3 MEDIUM vigil lights 48 days Twelve lights 60$
4 SMALL vigil light 24 hours Six lights 12$
5 SMALL vigil lights 48 hours Twelve lights 24$


Vigil lights :


Mass Intentions

It is possible to dedicate a Mass. Intentions can be, for example, a favour received or healing and to pray for persons who may be celebrating a wedding or anniversary. Mass can also be dedicated to someone who has passed away.

To reserve Mass intentions ($15/each) contact the boutique of the Marguerite Bourgeoys Museum at the extension 221.


Mass intentions :





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