Guided Tours for Groups

Under the themes of history, archaeology and heritage, the Marguerite Bourgeoys Museum offers guided tours for groups. Whatever your interests and needs, we have a wide range of possibilities for you at a really exceptional site at the heart of Old Montreal.

Commented visit

This 300-year-old chapel and the very captivating history museum connected to it will amaze you. In the company of a guide, you will learn about the truly exceptional life of a woman of action, Marguerite Bourgeoys, and about the early settlers who built Montreal. Visiting our many exhibition rooms will lead you from the stone vault to the very top of the tower where a spectacular view of Old Montreal and the Old Port awaits you.

  60 persons
  90 minutes

Express visit

No time to see it all? Then the express visit is for you! Visit the three essentials: the chapel, the vault and the tower and take in the atmosphere of the site.

100 persons
according to your needs

Complementary activity

Tour of the archeological site
Visit the archaeological site located under the chapel and discover a place few visitors have the chance to see! Accompanied by a guide, you will travel through 2400 years of a fascinating history, beginning with the occupation of the site by the Native Peoples and continuing through the period of the devastating 18th-century fire to the present time.

  30 minutes



Visit and complementary visit




Seniors (65 and over)



Students (13 - 25 / Valid card)



Children (6 to 12 years)



  • One free entrance per group of 20 persons.
  • A lunch area is available at the rate of
    $1 per person.
  • Our rates include all taxes.
  • Reservations are obligatory.
  • A single payment per group.

*Rates are subject to change.

Other programs

Education programs are also available for elementary and secondary school students.

We welcome pilgrim groups to Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel.

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