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Come to the Marguerite Bourgeoys Historic Site for a stimulating and fun educational experience! All our educational programs will fascinate your students, while meeting the objectives of the Québec Education Program.  


Site historique Marguerite Bourgeoys

Primary School

Building Ville-Marie

  • Elementary cycle 2
  • Theme: Social Sciences and History
  • Length : 120 minutes
  • Maximum capacity: 50 students
  • Fee: $5/student

Through fun workshops, students look at the experience of crossing the Atlantic, the goals of the first Montréal colonists, their life in Ville-Marie and the achievements of Marguerite-Bourgeoys in New France.

Maude Laferrière or Geneviève Béliveau
Tel. : 514 282-8670 ext. 237
Email : education@marguerite-bourgeoys.com


Digging in the future...and in time

  • Secondary Cycle 1
  • Theme : Geography, History and citizenship education
  • Length : 90 minutes
  • Maximum capacity: 40 students
  • Fee: $5/student

Your students will become archaeologist apprentices! They will learn the detailed work of an archaeologist by examining artifacts from the 20th and 21th centuries, then do their own investigation of 16th and 17th century objects from our collections.

A program offered in collaboration with Pointe-à-Callière - Montréal Archaeology and History Complex, and made possible with the financial support of the Government of Québec.

Maude Laferrière or Geneviève Béliveau
Tel.: 514 282-8670 ext. 237
Email : education@marguerite-bourgeoys.com

Other groups

Guided Tours

  • Elementary 3rd cycle, Secondary cycles 1 and 2, CEGEP and university students, francization groups 
  • Theme: History of Quebec and Canada 
  • Length: 60 to 120 minutes (depending on the option selected) 
  • Maximum capacity: 60 students 
  • See group rates bellow 

Accompanied by a guide, the group will take an interactive approach to learning about the life of Marguerite Bourgeoys, her historic chapel and her work and legacy. The tour delves into the depths of the 18th-century vault to see artifacts recounting the history of Montréal and archaeological discoveries in the Bonsecours neighbourhood.


  • Express tour: 60 minutes (includes the historic chapel, the tower and the vault). 
  • Regular tour: 90 minutes (includes the historic chapel, the tower, the exhibition rooms and the vault). 
  • Bonus activity: option of adding a tour of the archaeological site, for an extra $1.50/person. This means adding 30 minutes to your tour.  

Group rates 

Elementary  $5 
Secondary  $5 
CEGEP, university  $6 
Adult Education and francization   $6 
Seniors  $9 
Adults   $10 


Musée Marguerite-Bourgeoys
Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours

400, rue Saint-Paul Est
Métro Champ-de-Mars
514 282-8670
514 282-8672