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  • Language : français
  • ISBN :  9782896643530
  • Number of pages :  246 pages
  • Release date : July 2009
  • SEPTENTRION edition
  • Writing by : Martin Fournier

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Quickly, New France becomes a colony where life is good. After a few decades of isolation and relentless toil, the majority of the inhabitants have been able to lead a satisfactory life. What is striking among the inhabitants of New France, compared to other populations of the world, in the 18th century, is the quality and abundance of the food they enjoy. In New France, all gourmets could live happily. Except for brief exceptions, famine never raged there. Nine out of ten years, crops and provisions of all kinds were enough to feed everyone well. Food of sufficient quality and quantity was therefore undoubtedly one of the colony’s great assets and greatly contributed to the pleasures of living there. In order to make this historical reality better known, we have resorted to historical rigor, as well as to sensuality and emotions. Because the whole truth about the happiness of eating well in New France rests, of course, on the quality of the food and the know-how of the cooks, but also on the emotions and sensations that a good meal shared with friends or in family. We have tried here to retrace and evoke all these facets of the joie de vivre related to food in the St. Lawrence Valley. All today’s gourmets will also be able to celebrate the culinary heritage of New France and take advantage of the festive occasions that punctuate the seasons to create the period recipes that this book offers them. Happy reading and, above all, bon appétit!

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