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  • Language : french
  • ISBN :  9782895968733
  • Number of pages :  427 pages
  • Release date : avril 2014
  • LUX EDITEUR edition
  • Writing by : Serge Bouchard et Marie-Christine Lévesque

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Here are the peregrinations of fourteen coureurs des bois – mountain men, plains horsemen, mule drivers, ice navigators and desert traders. Here are the ones who ran America. By following in their footsteps, we penetrate to the heart of infrahistory – that darker part of the great human epic, but which often sheds the best light on it. Let’s see their exploits. Let’s create their legend. Because the great North American stories have systematically omitted to speak of these Canadians – as French Canadians were called until the beginning of the 20th century. Likewise, our own bourgeois and clerical elites hardly saw fit to cultivate their memory. And yet. From Étienne Brûlé, the wild man, to Father Lacombe, known as the little savage, SB and M.-CL   Inspired by the radio series produced and broadcast by Ici Radio-Canada Première, the story of the Remarkable Forgotten continues to be written in this second volume. With a consummate art of storytelling, Serge Bouchard and Marie-Christine Lévesque this time lift the veil on the formidable course of fourteen coureurs des bois neglected by our history.

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