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  • Language : English 
  • ISBN : 9782894646953 
  • Number of pages : 240 pages 
  • Publication date : mai 2017 
  • Ulysse edition 
  • Written by : Siham Jamaa 

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This one-of-a-kind guide invites visitors to discover the diverse religious heritage of Montréal and its region. Its dozen inspiring tours through Montréal’s various neighbourhoods reveal the exceptionally rich heritage sites that make the city a spiritual and religious tourism destination unique in North America. 
Conceived both for pilgrims whose travels are motivated by faith, and for travellers who are interested in architecture, art and history, this guide shines a light on countless sacred sites such as sanctuaries, basilicas, cathedrals, churches, cemeteries and temples of various faiths. In full colour and lavishly illustrated with magnificent photos, it highlights the richness of Montréal’s religious heritage, whether it be ancient or modern, and showcases former religious buildings that have been successfully converted to other uses. 

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