• Language : English. Also available in Spanish
  • ISBN : 978-0-615-20753-7
  • 84 pages
  • Edition: N/A
  • Written by: Louise Finn, CND

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Called to compassion is a book to read and pray.  Within the framework of seven prayer-days, the author gently weaves together strands of spirituality.  Scripture, psychology and common sense.  Each day’s offerings are drawn from writings of a seventeenth-century contemplative in action whose message is timeless.  Divided into four prayer-periods per day, Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys’ words come alive as she ‘speaks’ to the reader in clear, cogent prose, punctuated by poetic insights.   Marguerite Bourgeoys left her native France as a young single woman to join with other committed lay persons in a wonderful adventure.  With the gospel journey of Mary to Elizabeth as her model, Marguerite founded an uncloistered community of women to meet the educational needs of her time. That Congregation has endured for over 300 years   -Sr.Patricia McCarthy, CND

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