Selection of Prayers



My soul proclaims your greatness, O my God,
and my spirit has rejoiced in you, my Saviour,

For your regard has blessed me,
poor and a serving woman.

From this day all generations
will call me blessed,

For you, who are mighty, have made me great,
most Holy be your Name.

Your mercy is on those who fear you
throughout all generations.

You have showed strength with your arm,
you have scattered the proud in their heart’s fantasy.

You have put down the mighty from their seat
and have lifted up the powerless.

You have filled the hungry with good things
and have sent the rich away empty.

You, remembering your mercy, have helped your people Israel,
as you promised Abraham and his descendants forever.

Novena to Marguerite Bourgeoys

O Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys,
who by your deep and lively faith in God
received so many favours from Heaven,
obtain for me an increase of faith
and the grace which I so greatly need.

3 Glory…

O Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys,
grant that like you
I may place all my trust in Jesus my Saviour,
in order that, through your intercession,
I may obtain the grace which I so ardently desire.

3 Glory…

O Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys,
consoler of the poor and of the sick,
obtain for me a great love for God
and an ardent devotion toward the Mother of the Saviour,
in order that I may obtain the favour which I implore.

3 Glory…

Prayer to Our Lady of Bon-Secours

Mary, Our Lady of Good Help,
Jesus, your Son has assured me
that you are also my mother.
With you, I come to praise and thank our God.

You taught Jesus to pray – teach me too.
You hurried in joy toward Elizabeth –
help me reach out to others with the same love.
You interceded at Cana –
teach me to do all that Jesus tells me.
You suffered with your Son:
stay with me always.
You were present with the apostles at Pentecost –
be with us in the Church today.

Mary, Our Lady of Good Help,
keep us close to you,
obtain for us steadfast faith,
unfailing hope
and a love that knows no measure.

Prayer for families

God of Love,

By the intercession of Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys,
Who contributed so greatly to the human and
Christian well-being of families in the New World,
watch over our homes today.

Give to all children the daily bread and love they need,
Help adolescents discover meaning in their lives,
Help couples grow in love and fidelity.
Guide parents in the education of their children.
Fill the hearts of grandparents with peace
and tenderness toward their grandchildren.
Come to the help of those whose happiness is threatened.

Inspire and enlighten all those committed,
like Saint Marguerite, to the well-being
and happiness of families.

Help us discover in the Holy Family of Nazareth
a real model of family life in the spirit of the Gospel.


Prayer of the Children

Dear Jesus,

Marguerite Bourgeoys came to Canada to teach the children.
She loved children very much and when they came to her she listened to them with all her heart.
Marguerite wanted to help children learn to read and write and know more about the world.
She taught them how to get along with one another.
She was kind to the sick, the hungry, and to those who were alone.

Thank you for my parents and teachers who,
like Marguerite Bourgeoys,
patiently and tenderly help me to grow.
May I be a real friend to others
and open my heart to the needs of those around me.

Prayer for the sick and afflicted

To you, Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys,
we turn in our great need.
You responded with unfailing compassion
to the needs of those around you.
Look now on my needs and
on those of all persons who are sick or in distress
and grant us your comfort and strength.

Offer my prayer to Our Lady of Good Help
so that through her loving intercession
with Jesus, her Son, I may obtain the grace I so greatly need…
Help me to conform my will to the Will of God, so that,
like you, I may give thanks in moments of distress as well as in times of joy.

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