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  • Language : French
  • ISBN : 9782980413988
  • Number of pages : 200 pages
  • Release date : June 2009
  • Edition : HENRI RIVARD
  • Written by : Michel Noël
  • Edition: 5000 numbered copies

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For 15 years, the publisher Henri Rivard has produced works which are rightly qualified as event books. After his tributes to Félix Leclerc and Nelligan, this time he invites us on a vibrant foray into the history of the indigenous peoples of this region. Around a text as informative as it is poetic by ethnologist Michel Noël, renowned for his knowledge of Amerindian cultures, this beautiful book brings together many drawings by Jacques Néwashish as well as the works of 30 artists, including a few who are not not of Amerindian origin are nonetheless inhabited by an obvious “Amerindianity”. The spectacular result allows us to better appreciate the importance and the beauty of traditions deeply inscribed in the arts here, but still little known by most of us.  

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