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  • Language : français
  • ISBN :  9781583481639
  • Number of pages :  264 pages
  • Release date : 1998
  • Du Rocher edition
  • Writing by : Colette Piat

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Born in Coutances in 1650, Marie Arnault, blonde, beautiful and very gifted, was courted by her stepfather, a powerful magistrate. She was only fifteen at the time and passionately loved the son of a neighboring lord, Jacob de Préclair, a Huguenot to his greatest misfortune. The judge will get the better of the lovers: Jacob is sent to the galleys, Marie flees to Paris. She meets Molière there, refuses to grant her charms to the King and fails in the Salpêtrière prison. And his fate changed: Colbert had just created the institution of the “Filles du Roi”, intended to find women for the colonists of New France. This is how Marie left for Quebec, where awaited her the primitive struggle against the cold, the Iroquois, the wolves, but also a dazzling summer, Jacob’s escape, the meeting with Cavelier de la Salle, the descent of the Mississippi, life with the Indians: Marie, who even worked as a surgeon, had a tumultuous and passionate life. Then the return to France, the persecutions against the Huguenots, the progressive indifference of the Court towards Canada will leave him with a bitter taste of resentment and nostalgia for this much loved Quebec.

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