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  • Language : french
  • ISBN :  9782920718920
  • Number of pages :  126 pages
  • Release date : february 2005
  • ART GLOBAL, edition
  • Writing by : Hélène-Andrée Bizier et Robert-L Séguin

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The Daily Menu in New France is much more than a collection of original recipes. It is a work of art and history that illustrates how we ate in New France where Samuel de Champlain made gluttony a way of life. To illustrate this reality, Hélène-Andrée Bizier describes the taste exploration carried out in parallel by French explorers along the coasts and the valley of the St.Lawrence and how they enriched the terroirs of here by transporting products that they loved and consumed in their country of origin.   The author also comments on many period objects, reproduced with fidelity in the book, vestiges, which were thrown in the garbage and found during the excavations carried out on the site of the Place Royale, in Quebec.   To complete this, a text by the late historian Robert-Lionel Séguin, published in 1969 and devoted to the eating habits of the first generations of French people living in New France, is reproduced in full in facsimile in Le Menu daily en Nouvelle-France.   The original recipes of renowned chefs including Normand Laprise, Alexandre Loiseau, David McMillan and Martin Picard who have opened their notebooks form the gourmet framework of this very special Menu. For the first time since they have taken center stage on the Montreal gastronomic scene, their recipes come together in pages where it is possible to capture their affinities, their trends and the style their fans are looking for. All in color, designed by an art publisher, this book is presented in a refined layout, it is enriched with photographs taken by Benoît Chalifour who gave the dishes and objects presented, the stripping characteristic of works of art. .

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